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Often during the development process local municipalities and planning authorities will require an archaeological assessment. From severances to re-zoning amendments, when an archaeological assessment is required, Abacus can meet your needs delivering on time and on budget.

Abacus can provide a range of heritage consultancy services ranging from Stages 1 through Stage 4 assessments, master plans, heritage buildings survey, burial excavation, and heritage impact assessments. A versatile range of modern field equipment and computer software provides support from start to finish.

In addition to private consultancy Abacus can offer professional support for a range of archaeological based activities. If your organisation requires experienced and skilled services consider Abacus.

Soil Flotation and Artifact Analysis

As required by the 2010 MOTC Standards and Guidelines, soil flotation is an essential part of the site data analysis. Abacus can provide efficient flotation and soil sorting services as well as artifact analysis, taking data from the field to the desktop.

Archaeological Survey

Abacus can perform a range of surveying tasks. Supported by the latest Trimble surveying equipment, GIS and CAD software we can provide for your survey needs including:

  • Topographic site survey, profiles, plans, volumes/area calculations, topographic and feature specific survey
  • Excavations surveys, topographic and stratigraphic modelling, three dimensional artifact planning, distribution and spatial analysis
  • As-built Surveys, digital documentation of heritage buildings, plans, profiles, sections and architectural details, 3D modelling